Whether you need a phone in the break room or the board room, our feature-rich business voice offerings will meet your needs.

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Business Voice Calling Features

Our business voice solution provides a comprehensive set of calling features designed to fit your business needs. Take an in-depth look at the features that make up our business voice solution packages.

End User Business Voice Solution Features

Feature Flex Mobility Unified

Alternate Numbers

Anonymous Call Rejection

Automatic Callback

Automatic Hold/Retrieve

Call Capacity Management

Call Center Agent

Call Center Supervisor

Call Forwarding Always

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding No Answer

Call Forwarding Not Reachable

Call Forwarding Selective

Call Recording

Call Return

Call Transfer

Call Waiting

Calling Line ID Blocking Override

Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking

Calling Name Delivery

Calling Name Retrieval

Calling Number Delivery

Custom Ringback User

Directed Call Pickup

Do Not Disturb

Flash Call Hold

Incoming Calling Plan

Intercept User

Inventory Report

Last Number Redial

Multiple Call Arrangement

Outgoing Calling Plan

Priority Alert

Remote Office

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Rejection

Sequential Ring

Shared Call Appearance

Simultaneous Ring

Speed Dial 100

Speed Dial 8

Three-Way Calling

UCx Basic with Webex 

UCx Premium with Webex 

UCx Softphone with Webex 

UCx Standard with Webex 

Voice Messaging

Included  |  Add-On

Explore UCx with Webex Features

Add UCx with Webex to Your Business Voice Service

Package Calling Messaging Space Meetings PMR Meeting
Softphone None None
Basic 25 Participants None
Standard 100 Participants 100 Participants
Premium 300 Participants 1000 Participants

The space meeting limit for Basic users is 25 participants per Space meeting unless the space also includes users assigned the “Standard” or “Premium” packages, in which case the limit increases to 100 users.

Understanding UCx with Webex Terminology

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